My Services

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Custom Faux Finishes

I specialize in custom faux finishes, including faux brick, faux plaster and more.
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Traditional Decorative Painting

I offer traditional decorative painting services as a more 2D alternative to my faux finishes.
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High-Relief 3D Faux Finishes

Using Faux Effects products, I can create faux wood carvings like the one above. These are entirely custom and look like real wood when they are complete.
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Custom Photography

I also offer custom photography services. I specialize in golden light photography, using the natural sunlight of the golden hour in my photos.

Custom Murals & Painted Backdrops

Timeless painting by renee   custom painting   faux finishing   tulsa oklahoma   completed large children's mural on canvas princess castle for birthday photos 1
Custom Murals and Backdrops - Custom Muralist - Painted Backdrop Artist - Timelesspainting by Renée - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have painted children's murals at several local schools, and created a unique mural for the Blue Dome building in downtown Tulsa. I also have painted large-format backdrops for photography.